The landscape of the Biesbosch is very diverse. The Biesbosch is home to a rich variety of animal and plant species, both on land and in wet areas. The beaver, the largest rodent in Europe, is the icon of the national park. The Biesbosch is home to more than 300 beavers. It’s also possible to see deer and foxes here. Thanks to its lush woodland and the presence of many prey animals, there are plenty of nesting sites for birds such as the goshawk, sparrowhawk, buzzard and marsh harrier. The wetland region also offers favourable breeding conditions for less common birds of prey, such as the white-tailed eagle and the osprey. The reed beds provide an ideal habitat for songbirds, such as the reed warbler, sedge warbler, reed bunting and Cetti’s warbler. The kingfisher and bluethroat are also resident bird species here. 

The characteristic flora of the Biesbosch is a result of the moist conditions here. The withy-beds are home to plant species such as enchanter’s nightshade, loosestrife, orange jewelweed and touch-me-not balsam. The huge Himalayan balsam generates a real jungle of pink flowers. The araneosa, a subspecies of the marsh marigold, comes from mid-April to mid-May into flower. This plant is rare and specific to fresh water tidal zones.